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The grandma's yard is separated from the school cafeteria only by a wall. A few years ago, grandma planted a pomegranate sapling in the corner of the yard. After waiting for a long time, I finally got the results this summer. Although it is home-grown, the fruit is certainly not as large as the outside, and it is large, but it is not enough to have two or three fruits in the eyes. Every time I look at the pomegranate tree, my grandmother has to say something: "These years have really been a nourishment to you. These are not enough furnishings Marlboro Red." Well, to be honest, this time, my grandma did not wrong it. Trees have been planted for three or four years and have really yielded only three or four fruits. If you change to others, you will complain. School starts in September. When I went to the cafeteria for a meal on the first day, I habitually looked towards the grandmother's house, but found a touch of familiar green. Looking around, the branch of that pomegranate tree has been dragged out for a long time. Not to mention the star-shaped pomegranate. There was a branch with three hanging at the forefront, and it was crumbling, and the branch was bent and nearly hung to the ground. I couldn't help but feel a bit shocked. At this time, a few of my classmates came and saw the pomegranate Cigarettes For Sale. After learning that it belonged to my family, I wanted to pick it. I laughed: "Do you eat pomegranates in your home with yellow peels and white seeds?" After I went home, I described the scene of seeing pomegranates from the cafeteria. Grandma shook her head after laughing: "Originally, pomegranates are bad, know There is a school here. The good knot is on your students' side Marlboro Gold, or is it a test of your willpower. "I found a rope to tie up the free and free branches. The branches stood up and I could see the cafeteria. The pomegranate on the side can separate the school from the house, but it can't stop the pomegranate branches. Although the wall is almost monotonous green, the branch outside the wall seems to have infinite vitality, and only by jumping out of this wall can you see the wonderful outside the wall.
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